XenTegra Connect is one of the industry’s leading Citrix experts with expertise to deliver, manage and support successful cloud workspace solutions of any size. Our team is comprised of former Citrix engineers and sales managers – from North Carolina to Alaska and beyond – all engaged to help you achieve new levels of availability and agility.

The XenTegra Customized Blueprint Approach

XenTegra Connect starts its consulting engagements with a complete environment assessment – leveraging a field-proven blueprint for success customized to your organizational goals and needs. This customized blueprint identifies the gaps and opportunities in your infrastructure so that you may realize the most efficient and productive workspace for your users. The XenTegra Blueprint includes the assessment of the following with resulting recommendations and gap analysis:
  • Complete environment assessment
  • Application analysis and remediation for OS migration
  • Dedicated pre-production and test sites
  • High availably and site resiliency
  • Scalability and sizing analysis
  • Security analysis of the end-to-end components
  • Authentication and Federation for SaaS services and domain consolidation
  • Single image management and application layering
  • Profile management and logon performance analysis
  • Endpoint and Thin Client analysis and management

XenTegra Connect Has You Covered

So, whether you need to build out customized workspace implementations to support your business needs, or you require consulting support for a specific optimization project, XenTegra Connect has you covered. Our experts can optimize your environment – using field-proven methods and technologies – to improve your desktop delivery, customize your application access or power productivity through faster performance.