At XenTegra Connect, we’re all about improving your ability to connect your users to the applications and desktop resources they need to be productive, secure – and happy.

Our range of services span the spectrum – from specific consulting projects, to Citrix hosting to complete managed services and help desk support – so you can select the customized services you need to meet your digital workspace goals.


The XenTegra Connect SuccessDesk services are designed to simplify your desktop delivery while empowering both users and IT with the easy-to-use tools that will make them happy and successful. Our SuccessDesk services offer secure web-based access to documentation, enable easy issues and project tracking through an online ticket portal and provide at-a-glance health check reporting including details on performance and work performed.

XenTegra Connect offers a range of SuccessDesk services including:

  • Citrix SuccessDesk
  • Infrastructure SuccessDesk
  • Application SuccessDesk
  • Endpoint & End User SuccessDesk
  • Backup & DR SuccessDesk


XenTegra Connect SuccessAdmin delivers expertise, on-demand. For Citrix and Microsoft Azure projects that require planned staff augmentation and additional resources, SuccessAdmin is the solution. Executed in hourly blocks of predefined work projects, our SuccessAdmin services will give you the expert Citrix and Microsoft-certified resources you need to get the job done, both quickly and flawlessly.


For organizations adopting Microsoft Azure for their Citrix solutions, there are many things to consider. XenTegra Connect is an expert in Azure implementations, optimizing them for outstanding performance, efficiency and management simplicity. A Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, XenTegra Connect can help you design and implement your Azure environment to streamline management and assure performance. For those that have already adopted Azure for their Citrix deployment, our Azure Health Checks can help you assure that you’re using your cloud resources to their fullest.


Turn to XenTegra Connect when you need to build out customized workspace implementations to support your business needs. Our experts can optimize your environment – using field-proven methods and technologies – to improve your desktop delivery, customize your application access or power productivity through faster performance.

XenTegra Connect Cloud

When you need a reliable resource to help accelerate your desktop application delivery and improve IT efficiency, put your trust in XenTegra Connect Cloud. Easy to implement, our hosted cloud services will give you the high performance, cost effective infrastructure you need to support your Citrix estate. This multi-tenant solution offers per user pricing and a true turn key approach for the flexibility you need to keep your users running at peak performance while giving you complete visibility and control for security you can count on.